REVIEW: Siftercide 'Self Titled'

It isn't often that a band as completely insane as Siftercide reminds me of Free-form Jazz. But, I happen to feel that the 'who knows whats next' nature of the band almost allows it to act as a sort of Extremity to its equally unpredictable cousin. Though the real question at hand is if it shares the same quality.

One minute your listening to what I can only describe as somewhat standard grindish-deathish underground mayhem - then all of a sudden there is some (seriously sub-par) synth trumpets or something going down within the music. This sort of feels like a attempt to mash Ska and metal together but the result is completely awful - every track with this style is completely jarring and out of place. I'm sure with a little progression, this early inclusion on the album would've worked pretty well except the band functions with the blistering pace of hardcore punk song-writing styles - meaning that nothing really exceeds two minutes. Because of this, it almost feels like Sifterecide decided to just throw as much as you as fast as possible in the hopes that someone might like at least one song. And, my god, the vocals on this album take every form of 'death', 'hardcore' and 'black' generics possible - leaving you tired of hearing the singer or singers (the band does not disclose their names or identities in order to act as though Siftercide is some sort of music entity of its own) almost instantly due to the complete lack of originality.

Thankfully, in this muck of a Self-titled debut - a few songs did manage to stand out. Particularly 'Fluffers' and 'Maaht' are pretty good and feel a little more composed than the rest of the album. This is, no doubt, due to the fact that they lack the horrible method that Siftercide takes in its experimentation. There is no synth trumpets, punk riffs, aggravating off-tempo composition, and (thank god) no extremely bad attempts at 'blackening' the vocals. Which makes these two tracks sort of refreshing compared to everything else.

The worst part of Siftercide's debut is that there are some great ideas hidden within - sadly they are massacred by a slew of problems and completely terrible attempts at experimentation. Sorry Siftercide, I know this album is probably your baby but this album is simply too cocky for its own good - some serious focus needs to be had and the 'experimentation' needs to be dialed back or removed completely.

=Keith J Ham