I've been a fan of SHINING (NOR) for a few years now. As expected, I sort of fell in love with their experimentation on BLACKJAZZ and then trailed my way back to their non-metal days. To say that SHINING (NOR) is typical is to say that Gasoline is nutritious and great with cereal. However, with ONE ONE ONE - I can confidently say that your getting a very safe album compared to BLACKJAZZ. I'm not fully sure why, maybe due the intense and experimental nature of BLACKJAZZ being a little too so for mainstream audiences. Or, maybe the band just wanted to keep things playable without butt-loads of equipment and effects. Who knows, though I can say that if your expecting the same thing with every subsequent album when it comes to SHINING (NOR), you've been gravely misinformed when it comes to the nature of this group.

Now, I ordered this vinyl from Amazon. And, if you know Amazon, they always seem to leave you guessing
Nice simple little setup. 'One One One' somehow
manages to standout vibrantly in my collection,
which is something I can appreciate.
as to what version of a vinyl you can get. If your a all-black purist - this can be detrimental to your purchase decisions and if your not, it can be too if you want that cool colored version. With this I got a great deal (only 10 bucks) so I didn't want to miss out on picking up one of my favorite albums - I got black, which is OK and better since I got it on 180g. However, the album has scuffs even with being sealed and had signs of use and a non-typical label - this copy looks to be a test pressing of some kind. Its official though, for sure. Its just odd that I got this one random copy out of Amazon's random pit of vinyl despair.

Packaging is great on the exterior but I really hate the white inserts. This, sadly has no special inclusions or additional effort. Though, I'm not too surprised as SHINING (NOR) has always just been about music and the album was pressed to be listened to - so I can forgive it. Though, the odd simplicity of the cover is extremely attractive somehow. One gripe, however, is that my version has no markers as to which side is which. Thankfully I like almost every song on here.

Sound wise, you are going to get a pretty damn good pressing. As mentioned, SHINING (NOR) is about the music so they press their stuff on durable 180g solid vinyls. Its almost like, even with all the effects and that, this was mastered specifically for vinyl first. It opens strong and ends strong, no skipping or hiccups of any sort. Which is great since I've started to hear vinyl horror stories lately.

If you like SHINING (NOR) and vinyl - obviously it goes without saying that you should pick it up. If you've never experienced them then you should probably check the band out. And hey, this also comes with a download code.