IN MEMORY: Coldbringer Recordings

So, I've happened upon something that I've personally not yet experienced in my many years dealing with the 50,000 sub-genres of Rock, Punk, and Metal. You could say I'm lucky for this, or that the avenues I use for purchase rarely stock out-of-stock or print items (duh) - BUT I've managed to come across a Dead Label. Not only this but almost any band tied to this label sputtered out of existence as well (as far as I know).

So, in memory of this derelict label - I hereby erect this blog post in its honor. Direnotes remembers... and also happens to have a copy of 'Part 2 - Weeping Wailing and the Gnashing of Teeth.'


  • 2002-2012 (By evidence)
  • Los Angeles/San Francisco  


  • End on End 
  • Life In Pictures 
  • Part II 
  • Bleeding Kansas 
  • An Arrow in Flight 
  • Life at these Speeds 
  • Comadre