REVIEW: WARFUCK - Neantification

Album: Neantification
Genre: Experimental Grind-core

I'm not usually the greatest fan of Grind-core, the music I can dig but the vocals most-times ruin it for me - it all feels like a vehicle to bring home a message of hate or political uprising - whatever. Though, occasionally there is a band or two I can get behind that break the tiring mold of using that aggressive short-style. WARFUCK, with its incredibly vulgar and not home-friendly name, a Uber spastic and aggressive duo from France - is actually one of those rare grind-core bands that do stand out. 

The styling of WARFUCK, as previously mentioned, are somewhat spastic in their approach. Rather then focus almost specifically on fast up-tempo in-your-face riff-age, WARFUCK likes to start fast and slow down just enough to drop a metric tonne of hard-hitting sludge-styled or sometimes thrashy bars atop your head. Between this, you also get some very punk influenced drum-lines as well as moments that almost sound like something off of a newer CRYPTOPSY album. What exactly is going on with WARFUCK, I don't think I'll ever know, but I'm enjoying every last second of it.

Sure, there is a few drawbacks to WARFUCK. Specifically dealing with the length of the songs and the constant use of narration of frame the subject of a specific track. 'Neantification' loves itself some narration, that is definitely fact. But, most of it is narrated by someone I have no idea or know of. If its one of WARFUCK's members or some overseas political activist, i don't know - but sometimes they sound to be on the verge of crying. However, the short and fast nature of the songs don't really lend well to this sort of addition. Some songs are just too obvious in content and doing this adds redundancy to something that is just too spastic and short to be redundant (sort of a self-contradiction). 

Anyhow, the album still holds up extremely well even with its solitary flaw. If you want it hard, fast, extremely aggressive, meaningful, and wholly refreshing in the realm of Grindcore - I suggest you get your hands on WARFUCK's 'Neantification'. And hey, they are on Vinyl as well - check it out!