SINGLE: Khaøs - After The Silence

Band:  Khaøs
Single: After The Silence
Genre: Hard Rock/Trad. Metal

It isn't too often I check out something that falls too far out of line with my (honestly) obscure tastes - nobody really wants to listen to something they are unsure of, even if they are reviewing it like I do. But, sometimes I decide to tone things down some and check out a band that doesn't exactly fall in line with what I like. So, after getting a much appreciated dose of support from a bevy of quality record labels and PR - I managed to catch wind of KHAøS.

Though the name implies extremity, KHAøS is actually more of a Hard Rock group that draws slightly from the well in which classic metal acts such as DIO and RAINBOW. And, with their single 'After The Silence' the band has starting going a route which promises anthems-a-plenty on their forthcoming album 'Risen'. Which, may possibly be something I'll be feature here on Direnotes.

Sadly, the song really speaks for itself - which makes reviewing it a bit difficult for someone such as myself. However, if it makes listening to the video below any easier - I can promise you that the verses make sense, are not filler, ARE meaty, and the chorus is incredibly catchy. Though I can't promise you'll like this group or their new single - this reviewer is enjoying what he's heard from their new singe and can't wait for 'Risen' to hit the shelves.