Oh, its Death Metal time folks. And, I'm not talking like Melodic Death Metal like IN FLAMES or TRACEDAWN - nope, I'm talking classic mid-era Death Metal. The sort of stuff that actually had something to do with topics such as... well, death!

Apparently, PUTRID EVOCATION takes their metal very seriously - being a extreme band from extreme Chile, or so I'm told. This is European extremity by the way - so your most likely going to feel like throwing up after you've finished listening to ECHOES OF DEATH in its entirety. Sadly, the whole thing is a been-there-done-that sort of album. Don't get me wrong, I like Death Metal and I enjoy its tropes. Hell, I even like how this album sounds as if it's been recorded in some deep chasm somewhere. However, I've heard this album before so many times - even the vocal style is extremely akin to bands like CEREKLOTH. Actually, this whole album could pass easily as just another CEREKLOTH album - every bit of it. Though, I suppose its in the nature of 'classic' to follow tropes and traits of older, more successful bands.

On the positive side, PUTRID EVOCATION's ECHOES OF DEATH is most definitely real, pure-blood, Death Metal. With that, however, it also falls into the same-old tropes and styles of similar acts. You aren't really getting anything new or unheard of. Still, its worth checking out if your a hardcore fan of the genre.