My e-mail inbox, since the advent of bands such as DEAFHEAVEN (though the band isn’t bad by any means), has been pelted with way too many meloncholy progressive black metal bands. I mean, when your aim is soley to be a carbon copy of a band - I don’t honestly even see the point in pooling all your money and time into some shoddy rip-off, really. Jan F. Lindsø’s VYRJU, just so you know, has no affiliation with with that comment. I bring up the project because, to be frank, even with a few flaws - VYRJU doesn’t try to be something it isn’t; doesn’t try to copy.

Now, I’m honestly not fully sure what genre to place this EP in - I’d thought black metal or something along those lines (Not because the title of the EP is ‘Black’) but as you progress from beginning to end with ‘Black’ the whole thing sort of finds its own voice. The vocals, initially, are crazy intense and I do mean crazy. Jan Lindsø screams like a crazy person who want to do crazy things to you; put crazy ideas in your head - strangely a very good companion to Black’s fiercely emotional song-writing.  In a rare stylistic choice, however, this is contrasted with some very nice singing vocals by guest Tim Yatras (Germ, Austere, ex-Nazxul, ex-Woods of Desolation etc). It places the EP into a melodic light and towards being more of a experience than just a run-of-the-mill collection of songs.

Now, the project has just a few flaws, something I enjoy about music like this - it isn’t over-processed. At times the progression is very typical for the blackened approach to metal. Later tracks glide into a typical trebly, screechy, and minor scale sort of direction - attempting to provide a wall of distortion to carry the intensity of the vocal styles. This is somewhat a shame because the opening track ‘The Constant Void’ really has a good hook/groove/rhythm/melody thing going on.

Though not exactly new in style or progression, maybe even a tad obvious in direction at times,  Jan Lindsø manages to pull you in by the end of his 4 track EP ‘Black’. Here is hoping to hear more from him with VYRJU.