REVIEW: Dreamgrave - Presentiment

Admittedly, I've been waiting for something like DREAMGRAVE for quite sometime. Its the sort of music that exists on some ethereal balance, not quite one definable sound but a perfect storm of many ideas and snippets - unrestrained if you will by too many generic-ties. I'd like to say bands like FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE fall within the lines of this rare sub-type but I can honestly say that, nah, DREAMGRAVE is the real deal here.

Of course, DREAMGRAVE is heavy as hell - Dömötör Gyimesi and Mária Molnár know their stuff and they add their vocal talents here and there quite well. And, at a superficial level you could say that the vocal overtones strongly reflect a Melodic Death-metal demeanor. However, beneath that is a plethora of schizophrenic variety ranging from choirs and organs to flutes and wild cutting riffs that I love the hell out of. János Mayer, the keyboardist, so perfectly provides a plethora of emotional interludes. Every song reflects a stunning emotional and stylistic cavalcade - not to mention its the sort of thing everyone has been wanting from the progressive scene for quite sometime. 

This literally blows the hokey-pokey nonsense of DEVIN TOWNSEND and even OPETH right through the roof - providing a more serious experimental progressive tone. Its a thinking-mans metal, for people who are looking for something beyond the second-hand PANTERA's, SLIPKNOT's, and LAMB OF GOD's that are shoved down our throats these days. 

One downside? The cover-art looks way too much like FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE's 'Labyrinth'.