REVIEW: SLUP - Dramatorgie

I almost fell for it - SLUP almost had me for a loop. You see, this is Goregrind and its supposed to be a muddy, choppy, and completely offensive exploitative ride. The vast majority of people are supposed to hate this; they are supposed to be in disgust of the imagery (see: SLUP - Dramatorgie album art for example), the sound, the lyrical content. The fans and players of this genre live for your dissatisfaction. So, my response to SLUP is an astounding: meh.

There have been bands like this for a long time now, they spew some offensive lines here and there and rattle the convictions of youth and adult alike. However, this band sadly is completely ineffectual due to the fact that these individuals speak in Czech - and I'm sure they rocked the boats of Bohema quite a bit but for English speakers, the most important aspect of Goregrind has been stunted.

So, what we are all left with is the rather plain downtrodden bones of goregrind - the shock is all gone and I'm left hearing things I've heard a million times over. Its the same old riffs and hooks that grind, goregrind, pornogrind, etc use constantly; same old and tired guitar tones; same drums - and, my god, the mixing on the vocals is so wrong that it sounds as if someone is just singing over some instrumental track they found for free.

Unless you are Czech or speak the tongue, you are not going to like this. That is, even if you like Goregrind because all the shock of this rock won't be present for you.