QUICKIE REVIEW: Synsophony - 'Rabbit Hole'

Acephale Winter Productions

I've been trying out noise for some time, trying to get a feel for it and see what exactly its all about. This honestly turned out to be a completely ignorant course of action due to the fact that Noise is, in fact, noise and Drone is just... Droning! Synsophony, for better or worse, decided to drop their new track on me just as I was expressing my overall hate for the bafflingly famous Merzbow. Thank hell and heavens that this piece draws no comparisons to that ear-puke.

To be honest, I usually think of things like this as soundtracks - there are so many sci-fi and horror movies that could really benefit from something like 'Rabbit Hole' to drive them. This is all about atmosphere and its not too far to say that this isn't music, but rather a 'sound-scape.' I feel like I'm about to get murdered after being drug through some dank and dripping crawlspace - nasty stuff. However, why I'd ever use this sort of sound for anything in my day to day life just baffles me. Are there people out there who like to exist within a atmosphere of expressionless dread and nothingness? I don't know - and for all that exists on this godforsaken planet, tell Synsophony that their image for 'Rabbit Hole' cheapens whatever enjoyment I got from it.