REVIEW: Bloodscribe - Prologue To The Apocolypse

BLOODSCRIBE - Prologue To The Apocalypse
Gore House Productions

Curse these releases! It seems that Death Metal has brought about a rough divide these days. On one side you have people trying to pull it from the depths of guttural insanity and back to its roots - the other just wants to see how nonsensical one can make the lyrics (cause if you aren't OV THE BROOTL, your not cool enough to understand apparently). Some just play it down the middle , I can respect that, but Bloodscribe does not - they completely tip the axis.

I really want to get this out of the way, I understand why people like this and I completely support the vocal style - many bands I've reviewed have been similar and I didn't give them a bad review whatsoever. However, Bloodscribe has a very unique flaw and that is having a band that clearly is held down by a questionable choice in vocal style. Whereas bands like Cattle Decapitation and Swine Overlord own this sort of thing, it feels just a lot like Bloodscribe had to slow everything down in an attempt to fit. As a result, 'Prologue To the Apocalypse' feels quite a bit stilted - tragic for a band that is obviously very talented.

To say that its all bad would be a lie. There are a lot of quick glimpses into the capabilities of Bloodscribe on 'Prologue To the Apocalypse.' Moments where a Punk influence is heard or even subtle call backs to older Death Metal groups that clearly inspired Bloodscribe. Honestly, I could have done with less chugging generics, whereas the band was clearly trying to sound a certain way, and gone for more of a experimental feel - which the band actually shows occasionally.

Bloodscribe is not the worst thing to come out of Modern Death Metal but its not too special. There is some clear talent, sadly stilted by an attempt to fit a certain structure rather than create something new.