REVIEW: GRAVESITE - Horrifying Nightmares...


Its rare I find bands that aim to, not change, but perfect their genre; rare that a band that does, is able to maintain their own identity. GRAVESITE completely blows my mind with this. 

It took only one track, the first ('Submerged in Vomit'), to get me excited and wanting to listen. Yes, the album is a little more clean and well put-together than the usual underground release and there is a fair-share of tropes prominent throughout Horrifying Nightmares... but it all comes together to make a beast worthy of your time. Songs don't follow one specific route or repeat certain sections tirelessly and GRAVESITE doesn't even seem to care what sort of genre they are considered. Often you'll hear Death Metal but at times you can find yourself faced with more thrash, progressive or blackened elements. One track will be full of speed, aggression, and anger while the next will slow down and throw out aspects of despair or horror. The track, in my opinion, that best sums up the entirety of this album is 'The Painter of Agonies' - which seems to incorporate all facets of the albums themes.

As with anything Death Metal, there are some issues when it comes to GRAVESITE's straight-forward approach. It is painfully obvious that this album doesn't aim to break any molds, and as such you get sections that sound very much like other bands. Influences are abundant and I'd be here all day comparing certain bits to others, no matter if it was intentional or not. The vocals are good, very good, but sometimes they feel out of place or even uninteresting. A good bit of the time, I found their lack of variety as tedious and just focused on the music which surrounded them. Of course, these things are more or less nitpicks and are probably something everyone expects.

Overall, Horrifying Nightmares... is a good listen. It's hateful and horrific in all the right ways and knows what Death Metal is. GRAVESITE has some serious skill, I'd love to see them push things even further.