There are few albums that confuse me, and fewer that I enjoy if they do. Grim Love is what you'd call intentionally misleading, surely it's not a love themed album and its sound is as ugly as hell. However, it's certainly a lovable chunk of sound and hell if it isn't grim either.

There is a certain groove to this album, and a backbreaking aggression that reminds me of late Pantera albums. Sure, it's way heavier and a whole lot darker. But, a lot of the time I hear a focus on melody and rhythm over technical skill. And, GRIM VAN DOOM, seems to carry this quite well. In fact, I'd even dare to say they probably surpassed that fated legendary band in many aspects.

As this album goes on, things drastically slow down and just seem to get darker. Whereas the first few tracks were relatively fast paced, not breakneck or anything - but faster. They soon slow down to a crawl, embracing an intense Doom Metal feel. Songs like 'Thulsa' even remind me of Lumbar, they are so slow and grimy. Even better, not a single track descends into a series of boring ringing notes (I hate when slower songs do), keeping things extremely interesting. Oddly, there is even a few moments where everything becomes oddly melodic, even on heavier songs like 'Butchr.' Specifically, mid-song an utterly fantastic moment features a guttural growl synchronizing with the music to create a strange, obscure, symphony of sorts.

There is, honestly, very little at fault with this album. Actually, I can scarcely find anything at all. Simply put, Grim Love works as a whole and it just keeps getting better. The album isn't too short, doesn't overstay its welcome, and there is not a single song on here I'd consider filler. This album is worth your time and it begs to be listened to.