REVIEW: Nex Carnis - Obscure Visions of Dark


Of all the bands, groups, and solo projects I've reviewed, I've yet to encounter any which describe an utter state of lunacy and despair as well as NEX CARNIS. There is some serious dedication to subject matter on this Iranian band's part when it comes to lyrical content, and it’s not really all that usual that a Death Metal band shows that sort of consideration. Sure, string me up and what-have-you but it's true, a lot of Death Metal bands stick to the typical tropes and certainly begin to feel stale after a while when it comes to substance - this album doesn't.

The musical dressing to the lyrics isn't half bad either, it wouldn't be hard to say that it's borderline fantastic. Aggression is abound on Obscure Visions of Dark, from the start your pretty much in for an assault akin to getting slugged in the side of the head about ten times repeatedly. Things also get very technical, though not enough to consider this band technical Death Metal or anything. A lot of thought was put into making tracks non-typical, Guitar riffs, though sometimes a bit of a chug-fest are interlaced with complicated solo work, which even sometimes play with dissonance, and even clean sections that, somehow, come off dark and brooding. It works to keep Obscure Visions of Dark extremely varied for a Death Metal album. And, dare I say, the drums on this album are some of the best I've heard in a long time - almost akin to that of Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy. They serve to keep the blood pumping, and keep the general uneasy feeling of the album alive.

Now, every good album has its downsides. Specifically, though I can go on about the lyrical content being fantastic - it never really lets down or drastically changes. Obscure Visions of Dark will no doubt be your fill when it comes to manic content. That aside, it's a great slab of Death Metal for those looking to have their brains wracked until the insides look a little something like the album's cover.