REVIEW: ORCumentary - Destroy the Dwarves


Niche groups seem to be popping up a lot these days, more-so then in the past at least. It almost seems like only bands that make waves, outside of the usual veterans and scholars of metal, are same-same metalcore bands or completely insane fantasy-themed bands. Personally, I prefer the latter and ORCumentary had insanity by the boat loads.

There is no doubt that ORCumentary's Orc Adams is very talented, his work with the piano/keyboard is extremely good when it comes to Destroy the Dwarves. In fact, the piano and synth of this album add a strange quirkiness, which I admire and appreciate considering the rather non-serious nature of this album. Oddly, however, it takes some serious patience, about four tracks, to get past some pretty rough tracks. Perhaps its the tone of the fuzzed out guitar, how it just numbs my ears the more I increase the volume, or how the industrial influences remind me of 90% of the music on vampirefreaks (no god, no) - but everything up to 'He Drank Deep From His Mug' almost hurts my ears. Get past this, however, and things really start to even out - even the fuzzy not-so-sure-if-its-real guitar finds it place and Mr. Adams shows that he can do a lot more then play a mean piano.

The vocal styles that Destroy the Dwarves consists of, at times, seem to sort of fit the whole low-budget insanity feel. Guttural bellows, raspy characterization, and black metal inspired screeching all fit rather well - but the shoddy attempts at 'singing' are beyond bad. Specifically, a terrible attempt at... some unspeakably high sound near the end of 'You must Procreate!'. The whole album would've been better off just doing something else completely. Luckily, any vocal downfalls are met with a host of colorful and questionable lyrics, surely a madman thought this entire saga of Dwarves and whatnot up - or else a genius terribly bored with today's limited content.

I think Orc Adams engineered this entire, ear rattling, and completely wonderfully odd album as a symbol of true creativity. That, yeah, sometimes not everything work and not everyone is going to like it, some might even hate it - its cheesy, its unnatural, its jarring, but its fresh and new. Get past those first four tracks, if you don't like them, and you'll start to see what ORCumentary is all about.