-III is a significant departure from the faster pace of previous albums (especially the first), did you feel that a more doom-laden approach to songwriting would fit the void/space/horror themes more?

I wouldn’t say that there is a significant departure but that the songs on “III” are completely different. When we write our songs we don´t pay attention to what might be the concept of it. We just play and/or jam what we feel to play in that particular moment. If there is a good riff or pattern that feels right and good to us, we record it with our cellphones or whatever to remember it and try to combine it with other ideas. That´s it. The concept comes very late when we write the lyrics or add samples and synths. Summarized: We don´t give a fuck about concepts and play what we want to play. But yes, the doom sound fits perfectly to the lyrical content.  

-Did you face any difficulties when it came to writing such massive songs? Would you say your songwriting process has changed since the band begun?

No. As I explained above all the songs you hear on that album come into existence because we jam a lot and this was, is and will be the method that fits best for us. We feel that we can be a lot more creative with this approach. To act on impulse brought us some very good ideas I think. When we recorded the drums in the studio I only had some rough notes and Ideas that I wrote down but when it came to the recordings I just played what felt right for me in this moment.

-What was it like to work with other artists on the album?

Nothing special really, we are doing that since album one, but the session with Markus Stock for “Perdition Time Loop” was good fun. Lots of creative energy.

-Why did you pick the name Stellar Master Elite? How did the band form? 

I can´t exactly tell you how we agreed on the band name, but I guess it was because it wasn’t taken and we both are huge fans of Thorns. 

I know Dave for a long time now. Before we formed SME we both played in other bands and wanted to do something together because our musical taste is more or less congruent, and we had and have the same visions of how this band should sound and develop. No regrets so far. 

-I see you guys are huge fans of beer, does Stellar Master Elite have any choice brands?

Of course! Beer is love, Beer is life! For the everyday life we prefer Bitburger because the brewery is only some kilometres away from our hometown (say local patriotism). For fancy occasions I like some IPAs and of course Bavarian beer. Bavarian beer, no matter what sort is always good. But the best one for me is “Tegernseer Hell”. Hell means something like blond and not hell (just to eradicate clich├ęs)

-What would you say was a great moment in the band’s history?

A great moment was definitely when we found out that the refrigerator in our rehearsal room is actually working. That was a good day. That and the great day when we discovered some leftover weed. Great times. 

Apart from these really awesome milestones we were pretty happy when our first two albums got released and we finally had some physical statement of work.

-And, on the flipside, what was the worst or most embarrassing?

There was mold inside the refrigerator and the weed didn’t taste good. What a bummer.

Then we had some kind of dispute with our former label which nearly drove us insane but I can´t tell you details about that. But I can say that this issue was the most embarrassing thing ever. And the awful weed.

-What do you think the future holds for Stellar Master Elite?

Well, I can only hope that the new album reaches some people that enjoy our work. We want to reach people that are focused listeners and don´t listen to albums while doing 5 things in between. 

-Favorite non-metal album?

Pink Floyd – A Saucerful of Secrets