REVIEW: ANALEPSY - Dehumanization by Supremacy


If it isn't obvious, I was drawn to this band strictly due to the band's name 'ANALEPSY' and the fact that, despite sounding like a symptom of the ass, the cover art portrays something like some evil lord descending upon the earth. The obvious conclusion is that this creature is the lord of butts, why wouldn't he be? Though, in all honesty, its nice to see a Modern Death Metal release that doesn't feature grotesque monsters, strewn about body parts, or prolapsed rectums and genitals; strange to be surprised by something so normal compared. Anyhow, what really matters here is the music and not the art (sometimes). Usually with these late night bands, the kind I hazily open in the dead of night with some half-minded idea of doing justice for the little guys, I get exactly what I expect: too many influences, not enough originality. I get this, I really do. Everyone wants to be like their idols; wants to sound like the bands they love. Though, with bands like ANALEPSY, I feel like somehow Death Metal has become some sort of strange amalgamation - one that doesn't resemble actual Death Metal but more falls, as usual, into Grind or Beatdown.

Don't get me wrong, there is some talent behind ANALEPSY and these guys know how to play - albeit, there sound is painfully typical and follows every trope imaginable for bands of this ilk. There is some serious heaviness, lots of clean playing (as in, no bad notes), and I'm absolutely sure it'd piss off your neighbors due to the extreme nature of the vocals. The thing is, for anyone who frequently listens to this breed of music, it isn't going to turn heads. In fact, it's probably going to make them yearn for the days when Death Metal was more then just blast beats and breakdowns, when it had some character to speak of. Its not like I want to bash 'Dehumanization by Supremacy', I'd really like to say something great about this album or even a song but due to the band's Grind-y nature, there isn't even a single track that distinguishes itself from the others. Everything literally sounds the same, apart from a few momentary intro effects to let you know that there is another song playing. You'll thank the band for these because if they weren't here you wouldn't, in most cases, be able to tell where a track ended and another began.

Somewhere along the way Death Metal took a turn and sadly bands like this, who I'm sure love this style and sound, became way too typical. It's not completely the fault of ANALEPSY that they are painfully boring but I'm not going to let the fact slip either. Dehumanization by Supremacy is another one for the bin, where all the same-old non-innovative bands go.  And, damn, I was really hoping for something with this one. Maybe they should've just put a giant asshole on the cover?