REVIEW: Ecferus - The Tourniquet Hemisphere EP


Atmospheric, progressive, and experimental breeds of extreme metal have long been favorites of mine; at a time, they were my bread and butter. I do love the slow climb, the inevitable climax (if the album is good enough to provide one), and I'm sure that anyone reading this has a soft spot for those particular sub-genres as well. Though, sometimes it's nice to have things a little more straight forward; a little more, well, actually extreme.

Ecferus, once again, provides that.
I'm no stranger to this project, it's fist to the face approach to subjects such as creationism, and poetically constructed theories on the nature of space, time, and existence (or perhaps I'm reading too much into things). The first album had me surprised, as during the time it was the only black-metal project I'd heard that wasn't being overly produced, or full of synth and outer-space travel themes - yes, that was a thing. But, hearing 'The Tourniquet Hemisphere' between the endless to-and-fro of promotional material, I find that the project really hasn't lost it's charm.

Though only three tracks, as most EPs are, 'The Tourniquet Hemisphere' is an absolute beast; a stand-out release. Somehow, Volcatalysmic, Prolaterian Chains, and The Matter of Illusory Grey seem to run a complete gamut of influences - taking the best of black-gaze, symphonic-black, traditional black metal, and mixing it together. You won't find dissonance nor breakdowns here, nor with you find yourself able to breathe between the extremely anxious, urgent, and somewhat claustrophobic song writing. There is absolutely no silence on this EP, even the quietest moments are laden with haunting electronics, shrill screams, or both.

Short, yes, but worth it. If you have the time, and the love for extreme, spend it on 'The Torniquet Hemisphere.'