Thoughts On: Babymetal's 'KARATE'

Babymetal make sure their fans have a hard-time trying
to distinguish the band as either cute or bad-ass.
For those of you who follow this blog (not many, I'm guessing), or for those who don't know, I am actually an avid fan of Japanese culture. Not the fluffy stuff, usually, but more the mecha, heavy-handed ultra-serious anime, food, and, most importantly, the metal - which encompasses the countries willingness to experiment with things that North America just won't. So, its safe to say that I do not hate Babymetal and that, in a lot of cases, I actually enjoy the group a lot. There is just something about the non-political non-offense nature of the act, it makes for a great escape when you are someone with over 2000 rock, punk, black, and death metal releases in their inbox - each ready to make the next big political statement (side note: this is also the reason I can't always get to every album I'm sent).

You've probably heard about the groups recent album 'Metal Resistance' and I wish I could be any bit excited about it, but I'm not. Not because I feel they suck or anything, I just didn't expect Babymetal to go too far - and still don't. These girls have made it past being a simple staple now, and that is fantastic, but everything so far has hinged on them being cute girls in metal. It doesn't take a genius to know that these girls are a product, and it's public knowledge that their existence was literally a spin-off of another larger project Sakura Gakuin (brought to you by the 'idol' machine 'Amuse, Inc'). What's going to happen when they are women and Amuse wants to pull the plug? I don't know. But, hey, at least they've managed to put out something rather memorable and make a huge impact on the metal community.

Babymetaladvocates for the proper treatment of flies during
karate related incidents
Naturally, this group is going to put out a new music video - KARATE.' Fifty percent of Babymetal is dance, and they are actually very good at it - so why not show off? I would. My niece is a massive fan of the choreography, always trying to keep up with their style, and with 'KARATE' she really aimed to emulate what they've done here. I'm not going to pretend to know if their 'moves' are based on actual karate - I don't really think it matters if they are. Though, the effort proves to be entertaining, not in a silly way or anything, and I do like the fact that Babymetal feels the need to add that extra touch to their music.
and, obviously, have with the song '

Of course, with the actual song, you're going to be trying to dig the insanely catchy lyrics out of your skull (even if you don't know a word of Japanese). Vocals are still a strong draw, they do represent the 'Baby' aspect of Babymetal after all, but they feel less cute and more sensible for the style of music being played. I also didn't mind the noticeable pull-back of the heavy vocals, as they sometimes felt tacky in the past. The 'metal' aspect of their music has gotten heavier, more thought out, reflecting a more serious mind-set when it comes to song writing.  Yes, I complain that the band is probably not going to survive adulthood, but hell if they aren't trying to.

Side note 
I'd like to also say that the costume work is really good in this video and I loved the playing bands new look, No more cheesy skeleton suits! Instead, your getting something straight out of Lordi and its fantastic. Also, I'm aware that this video was released in march and I'm only getting around to it now.