Thoughts on: GOJIRA's 'Stranded'

At the time of this little piece of writing, Gojira has released 5 studio albums and has now put up Magma for pre-order. In order to promote the new album, the band has put up a new video to promote their upcoming release - hoping to highlight some of the band's newer aspects with the song 'Stranded.'

Firstly, I'll get the obvious out of the way. Of course, 'Stranded' is a great track - it's Gojira. The band has always maintained a certain level of quality and has yet to change a single member, and they've never really shoveled out anything I'd personally consider filler. I'll say now that the days of Terra Incognita are over. I know a lot of people wish that the band would go back to that schizo-thrash sound they had way back, but I think that would completely defeat the purpose of the band's music - at least at this point. Instead, there seems to be more of a focus on evolving L'Enfant Sauvage, just as that album was a evolution of From Mars to Sirius, and I couldn't be happier for it.

'Stranded' is dead simple; primal - as much staple of Gojira's sound as their tendency to break song-writing conventions. The most 'over-the-top' thing about the song is, as always, Mario Duplantier's skill with a drum set. Rarely does the man disappoint, if ever. All other players are there simply to provide what makes the band so good: heavy (and, of course, the band's blunt and honest view on everything that ever was). So, what makes Stranded any different then anything else they've done before? Not much, but enough. I've certainly never gotten tired of their sound, and many others feel the same as I, but they've added a new effectual technique to this song I can barely even describe. It's almost something you'd hear in Nu-Metal, a whine that is just there to basically sound cool - a nice touch. The flange, however, isn't really something I find myself liking. I get it's there to show you they are working with the basic tools, basic skill, and putting all this music together with the power of... souls, or something, but it makes a great song sound a bit cheap (even though it would sound better if the effect wasn't present at all). There is a bit of singing too, which I like. Don't act like it's selling out because it was just fine on L'Enfant Sauvage.

The biggest draw is that this track seems to almost be about abandonment, a failed attempt at a relationship, and definitely something to do with obsession. I've not really heard too much of this from Gojira, and it's almost unexpected at this point - especially since the lyrics seem to be from a personal view and not looking into a situation or role-playing a dead-minded lifeless media sponge (like with the track 'Art of Dying', not the whole album). This, on it's own, is enough of a change to get me hooked.

What are your thoughts on the new song; hopes for their new album?