INTERVIEW with [RED] and [BLUE] of Puesdo/Sentai

Art by Grace Passerotti
*For those who haven’t heard of Pseudo/Sentai, could you introduce yourselves?

[BLUE] I am [BLUE]. I carry the battleaxe of bewilderment, and I find power in the contrast between light and dark. I am from an inconsequential town in the mid-west of the United States. As a civilian, I was interested in music, but never as interested as I am now.

I am [RED], wielder of the Firearm. This particular gunblade is fueled with magma and fire, which is not easy to load! Combining fire from the Firearm with gusts of air caused by my voice I am able to expel a pyrocyclone. 

*What inspired you to meld manga and metal, especially when it comes to a theme like Super-Sentai?

[RED]: We hold a great interest in art in its many, many forms. Manga is but one of many mediums we draw inspiration from. I think what inspires us most in Anime/Manga is the sense of urgency used to illustrate the seriousness of a circumstance. For the same reason, we look to metal for ideas concerning translation of that urgency.

[BLUE]: Both of us have lived complicated lives after being tasked with saving the world and the Loracle taught us many interesting stories... it seems her knowledge of the universe and even multiverse is almost endless. We scribe these stories in our language through song and it makes sense to share them with the world. It fits with the idea of manga because of the rapid ideas that get fired out in that medium. We don't necessarily consider ourselves a metal band, though we are heavily influenced by metal. Often we are too abrasive for non-metal fans so it's easier to loop us in with that area of music.

*How did a project like Pseudo/Sentai begin?

[BLUE]: The appearance of mysterious instrumental weaponry thrust this project into our lives. [RED] and I ended up in the central nervous system of a strange ghost/computer named the Loracle. We spent years studying stories from other galaxies and systems while training our minds to handle our deep insignificance in this multiverse before venturing out to warn the world of the danger that it faces. This is not an easy task.

[RED]: As an opposition to Eunuch Rock. You know in your heart what I speak of.

*It isn’t exactly common for a band to release their music for free, at least not entire albums, so why go the free route (not that I’m complaining)?

[RED]: Getting strangers to listen to music is like pulling teeth as it is. There is just a lot of music in general floating around on the net, so we wanted to increase the likelihood of civilians finding it. The world faces many threats and people need to be aware of them!

[BLUE]: The Sentai operate at a loss. It is more vital for the message to be heard than it is for us to make back 20% of what we spend. Can you believe that we were told that we must save the world by a sort of computerized ghost entity, whatever she is, and that despite existing for thousands of years, she had never invested any money? In anything? Just because she is logical, doesn't mean she is always practical. I wouldn't trade this mission for anything in the world, but it can be frustrating sometimes.

*Psuedo/Sentai is heavily reminiscent of Shaolin Death Squad, is there any connection or inspiration there?

[BLUE]: Shaolin Death Squad is a band that I have heard, but not really listened to much. I would say it is more likely they share some of our influences than us being inspired by them. Obviously Mr Bungle, Naked City, and Dillinger Escape Plan are groups that they also seem to enjoy. Shaolin occasionally fall into 'weird on purpose' territory while we try to keep things as fluid as possible no matter how far we stray from what others may be accustomed to.

[RED]: I’ve heard a few of their songs but that was years ago. I remember them being pretty damn good, though.

*It’s sort of difficult to pin-point the exact genre-definition of Psuedo/Sentai, what would you say the band would be classified as?

[RED]: Squad Rock!!!

[BLUE]: I'm certain that I hear our music in a different way than most would, because we craft every single detail and repeatedly listen until even the most abstract moment sounds insanely catchy to us. The other issue is that many words already have associations for people. I often consider our music doom pop, but doom has already been used to define groups like Candlemass or Paul Chain. We do not sound like those groups. Other terms we've used is Aftermath Rock, Apocalyptic Rock, Naught Metal, among other things.

*Being such a non-typical band, what other bands could you say influenced Psuedo/Sentai’s creation – if any?

[BLUE]: The Mars Volta, Mastodon, King Crimson, about a hundred more. (There isn't a band with that name though, I mean this figuratively.) I'd say the stories we are taught by the Loracle are the things that influence us the most.
[RED]: Other than the bands already mentioned: the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Fair to Midland, Blind Guardian, Queen, Bowie, System of a Down, Black Sabbath, Styx… the list goes on in a big way! We love a lot of music.

*Is ‘Enter the Sentai’ the end, or just the beginning of Psuedo/Sentai?

[RED]: We are in an interesting era right now. For the first time ever we don’t really have the next one planned and already in progress. It’s been that way for the entire time we’ve been a band. I like that the future is uncertain, but the Sentai is far from accomplishing its mission. [BLUE] is still living in Brooklyn while I have made base out in Portland, so we’re holding down the fort in difference sides of the country. A lot of what happens next depends on how well “Enter” is received. 
[BLUE]: Both. It is just the beginning, but also the end of a particular era. I'm not sure details are the best thing to talk about right now.

*Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, it is extremely appreciated!

[BLUE]: We appreciate you helping us spread the word. You have no idea how much danger awaits this planet.

[RED]: We are here to save the world!