REVIEW: Blacklands - Peaceful Shores


Three years ago, I reviewed a Symphonic Metal album 'New Dawn' by a German band named Blacklands. I loved the band automatically. The lead singer at the time, Moja Nardelli, had a beautiful, powerful voice, one perfect for the Symphonic scene. They took a leap of faith to self-produce the way they had, and it is one that has brought us yet another powerful Blacklands album!

Their original bassist Rudiger Sartingen decided for his own personal reasons to leave the band, as did their original singer. Oliver Muller, the former bassist of Heavenward (who had been in the band with Thomas Kellener, Blacklands’ current drummer and Heavenward’s former drummer) replaced Rudiger. This replacement was not an unwise one by far. Moja was replaced by Tanja Magolei-Schupper, and this replacement was one amazing move!

While I had loved Moja’s voice, she was very one-trick pony. She was good for the Symphonic Metal scene, but there was really nothing else there (no disrespect meant in any way). Tanja on the other hand has the kind of voice that could go from soft-symphonic to powerful rock! And one thing I sincerely loved about Blacklands’ 'Peaceful Shores' was that no two songs are the same! They bring something new, raw and emotional with each new song.

The very beginning of their album is setup with a powerful track. And while that’s never a bad thing, I kind of dreaded that would be the only thing I would see. “A New Dawn” had a softer side, one that I had enjoyed. My favorite song by them was “Love Will Never Die”. So I hoped for another track like this one that I would enjoy. While there isn’t a track on this album that stands out just yet the way that track had, they are all just amazing.

After the first listen, I turned to my husband and told him, this album would be the perfect set-up for a movie. I have listened to this album at least seven more times, and I fully stand by this statement. I had so many writing ideas while listening to this album. Maybe my next novel will come with all this inspiration!

Thomas Kelleners, the band’s founder (who I have come to befriend), was kind enough to remember me from the first review I had given them, to send me this new album. And I tell you, had he not, I would have bought it anyway! As I have said before, I believe this band has a long, successful career ahead of them. I will be along the way to see it unfold!