REVIEW: Cairiss - Fall (EP)


It would be so simply to call Cairiss black-metal, and it would certainly save me a lot of time. However, it wouldn't do the band justice since the majority of it's content is along the lines of symphonic, rather then black. Now, we've all heard of that terrible sub-genre they call symphonic black-metal but I wouldn't exactly say that Cairiss follows that road - mostly because Cairiss doesn't suck. Instead you are getting a sort of blackened symphonic atmospheric jumble and I'm quite alright with that.

In the whole day and a half I've had this EP, I've not been able to put it down. Usually when it comes to these vocal-driven albums, I'm all about praising the vocalist (by the way Freyja Brown is downright spectacular with both singing and harsh screams), but I was extremely impressed by the care and talent that went into writing these three tracks. Ethan Bishop and Martin Williams have really done something special with the guitar work here, the opening to 'The Lives He Stole' is extremely reminiscent of some of the clean work I've heard on Devin Townsend's 'A Monday' (that lowly guitar whine, I love that) - with a whole lot of Opeth thrown in. I know, I just compared a blackened band to a Devin Townsend song but, seriously, listen to it and you'll know what I'm talking about. As for Connor Frapwell, don't worry - any black-metal drummer is worthy of a medal in my books.

What is really special about Cairiss, to me, is that the band took the time to have their album produced right. Too much of the time, a band labels themselves as black-metal just because they have zero production done on their tracks or were too lazy to do anything more then record a mass amalgamation of sound on a stereo-mic tape player. Some people might like this, but I don't - to a degree - and to see this little blackened band pop-up out of nowhere with some extra care put into their sound, well it's almost amazing. Though that certainly doesn't mean that this is the first time, or last time, I'll hear it done.

What is criminal about this band, is that they don't have any sort of physical release as of yet. 'Fall' is no doubt one to be bought, treasured. It is such a spectacular piece of work, I can't hardly recommend it enough. Buy it digital for now, but save that extra bit for when Cairiss can please those of us who want to own it on cassette or vinyl.