REVIEW: Pseudo/Sentai - Enter the Sentai


It isn't often that a band so openly embraces a gimmick, even rarer that it's all backed up by some truly excellent song-writing. I'll admit, I had my reservations jumping into Enter the Sentai, as I'm not the biggest fan of either Manga or Super-Sentai (or it's Americanized counterpart 'Power Rangers'). However, I am a fan of Ghost, Mr. Bungle, and other bands such as Flummox and Shaolin Death Squad. And, wow, does Pseudo/Sentai ever bleed that same archaic schizophrenic fusion-laden energy.

You aren't going to get any anime-theme-esque tracks here, for those who are worried about such a thing. No, Pseudo/Sentai is grounded in a more modern progressive styling, plenty of clean singing and it's all in English for those of us who couldn't be bothered to learn another language. The silliness of it's content comes from it's lyrics and, almost musical (as in movie musical) vocals. From what I can gather, there is a story here, but I was too engrossed in the music to put two and two together. I can only imagine that things would've been made even better if I'd paid attention to it.

The absolute best part of Enter the Sentai is that it doesn't like to stay put. When downtime does present itself, there are genuine attempts to keep the energy alive with sudden tempo changes and almost jazz-like intervals and, during said intervals, every instrument truly has it's chance to shine. It is rare to hear a bass guitar being pushed from it's stance as a rhythm/bottom-end instrument to being far more prominent then a guitar. On Enter the Sentai, this happens. There are just as many bass solos as there are guitar solos and, all the while, Pseudo/Sentai's drummer is working overtime. In fact, I'd have to say the band's drummer is probably one of the most underrated around - considering the band doesn't really share their names for this particular project. Oh, and the fact that this entire album is going to be free? What?

Honestly, I have a hard time describing these experimental bands - especially when they work so damn well. So, the verdict is: check out Pseudo/Sentai and don't forget to get the album digitally on July 8th. Really though, is there a reason not to?