REVIEW: Abused - Another Day, Another Step Away From God


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Yes, the holidays are upon us and, I don't know about you, but I needed some unadulterated rage to get me through. All the stress of picking gifts for people, some of which you are aware will not be appreciated, the insane crowds, and the judgmental eyes of those more well of eyeing that basket of bargain bin gifts you are about to buy - cause hey, the internet doesn't pay. So, imagine the delight I felt upon coming across Abused's recent turnout 'Another Day, Another Step Away From God'.

What would you call this anyhow? Metalcore, blackened Metalcore? Is there even a reason to add a label? I don't know if I'm the one to answer the question, as I work through words and descriptors are needed. So, if I was to call it anything, it would be.... Metalcore. But, don't let the stigma of this particular sub-genre deter you. Abused knows how to provide a well orchestrated collection of furious noise that always hits its mark. Every track is a surgical strike against the psyche, not always knowing where to hit you from next, but succeeding through sheer exposure - the composure's slight disorganization somehow allowing for unpredictability.

Along with the wonderfully welcome display of unbridled emotional outage displayed through sharply composed tracks and angered biting vocals, Abused manages to provide a sense of absolute dread. This album feels like a something, someone, coming to an end - and not peacefully, at that. A sense of an absolute end before finality is present here, a undefinable rage amidst the general chaos; blooming insanity. Something about all this made me love the album even more, perhaps because it called upon thoughts of my own complicated-yet-not-so-complicated teenage years in a genuine and direct way. 'Another Day, Another Step Away From God' begins as brash attack against questionable ideologies and a general display of anger towards the world, but the final third spirals into doomy and despairing climax - even going so far as to include atmospheric and odd guitar sections alongside airy keyboard sections. It seems like, for whatever the vocals wish to display, the writer or writers seem to eventually gather that everything is pointless; the fight is eternal and endless, but something inevitably needing to be fought.

That, or I really read into the album far too much due to my holiday dread mounting. Either way, 'Another Day, Another Step Away From God' is a damn good time and a damn good album. What it does, it does well. Some might see 'Metalcore' and be turned away, due to the more popular groups within the sub-genre, but you'd be doing yourself a serious disservice not seeing what this album has to offer.