REVIEW: The Dahmers - Creepiest Creep (Lovely Records)

If you are one that likes the Horror Punk Genre, The Dahmers is a band that made me want to dance while listening to them. Listening to them, I am definitely reminded of the Misfits. This being said, The Dahmers reminded me a lot of the energy of the Misfits. I have to say that of new music, they are really good. I tend to be partial to music from the 70s-80s as that is what I listened to growing up, but I just have to say "wow" to The Dahmers.

'Creepiest Creep', the first song on the EP, reminds me a lot of a blend of the classic rock blended with punk. This has not only strong vocal, but the music itself will have you wanting to listen to even more of their songs. Truly my favorite song on this EP, definitely give props to The Dahmers on this song. I am usually not one that favors any form of Punk. I will listen to it, but I truly enjoyed listening to this song. I am, yet again, not disappointed when I started to listen to the second song on their EP 'Reoccurring Dreams'. Even though this song isn't more than a little over a minute long, they definitely get their point across with this song.

'Without A Face', the next song on the EP, was not exactly my favorite. I'm not saying that it is bad, only that it isn't my favorite. Of course that being said, that is because I truly favor their song 'Creepiest Creep'. 'Kiss of Dario', the last song I listened to by The Dahmers, is a really upbeat song that had me wanting to dance yet again. I was not disappointed listening to them.

Listening to this EP, it is composed of many songs that I could see being used in comedy horror movies. That isn't a bad thing either. They really know how just to keep the listener on their feet. I definitely hope to hear more from The Dahmers in the future. Great vocals, and absolutely great music.