INTERVIEW: Cody Daniels of Giant Of The Mountain

Recently Direnotes got the chance to interview Texas-based Blackened Progressive Death Metal band 'Giant Of The Mountain'. This intensely creative band has been doing it DIY for a while now and has begun to catch some traction with their newest full-length release Moon Worship. So after reading this interview, why not go check out their newest album for yourself?

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for allowing me to interview you here on Direnotes. It’s a pleasure and if I might say, I’m really diggin tracks like ‘Flesh Divinity’, ‘Cult of the Moon’, and ‘Call to the Depths’.

Thanks, it’s my pleasure.  I’m glad to hear you enjoyed our music.  

Giant Of The Mountain was formed with the idea of creating a new and original genre style, do you think GOTM has reached that goal since Yeti? Or do you think that you have more to expand on in the future?

In my mind, we’ve only begun to discover what GOTM really is.  Yeti was our first set of recordings, back when Randi was still a guitarist.  We’ve not only grown as musicians, we’ve developed new tastes and influences.  We’ll probably never reach a point to where we are satisfied with where we are.

Many of the tracks on Moon Worship carry a general occult theme, what would you say your major influences and inspirations are when it comes to the albums themes and lyrics?

More than anything, I’d say its Donald Tyson’s version of the Necronomicon, and its novelization “Alhazred”.  I also love reading Lovecraft, and a few songs come from the lore of “The Elder Scrolls” video games.  I love mythos and the arrangement of the Aedra and Deadra,  
For a 2008 group, I was surprised to hear a lot of old-school recording techniques - especially with the drums and reverb use. Was that intentional or just a happy coincidence?

It’s mostly intentional.  We record everything ourselves with a very minimal setup.  I’m not really into using a lot of crazy effects, or advanced plug-ins.  We don’t re-amp, or do drum replacement, and most of our rigs are pretty minimalistic as well.   

What would you say your best and worst experience has been working on Moon Worship?

The best experience working on Moon Worship is hearing the final product and hearing how much we’ve grown and improved as a band.  The worst part was right before we had the mixes finalized I spilt a beer all over my laptop and fried it, and we thought we had lost everything.  Luckily I took the hard drive out and put it in another laptop and everything was still there, and we got it finished and backed up before the hard drive eventually died. It was a terrifying experience.

Being married (Cody and Randi) to a band member has helped make or break some groups in the past. Has your relationship helped strengthen playing live and/or working out kinks when it comes to song-writing?

Yea, it definitely has.  Randi and I are best friends, and we have all the same interests.  That really makes the process of doing anything together fun.  We are also comfortable enough with each other that we can say things, and share opinions without worrying about hurting feelings or making someone mad.  It’s more awkward hashing things out with a group of dudes you only kind of know; as opposed to someone you’re comfortable sharing anything with.  Plus, Randi is the most hardworking person I’ve ever met.  She gets stuff done serious style, and I don’t think I’ve ever met someone else who takes care of business as well as her.  

I’m personally a huge supporter of independent groups in Metal (and beyond), has it been difficult for GOTM make an impact as a band who follows the DIY approach with their material?

Yea, it’s definitely harder.  The hardest part is touring.  People take bands more seriously when there’s a label attached to their name.  We don’t have that, so we rely on making friends and largely people we’ve never met taking a chance on us.  We love getting out to other cities and meeting new people, and we always try to make sure they are glad they gave us a chance to entertain them.  

Any chance for a Vinyl release with Moon Worship down the line?

Hopefully so!  I would love to get some Vinyl pressed.  I actually just got a turntable and starting getting into and collecting vinyl’s (yea, I’m a little late to the party), and I didn’t realize how much I like them more than other mediums.  I think it would be incredible to release Moon Worship on vinyl.

GOTM hails from Texas, any chance you’ll make a stop down here in New Mexico anytime soon?

Yea for sure!  We actually played Albuquerque at the Launchpad on our tour back in April.  I’d love to get back out there and make some metal happen, and even play other cities in NM.  

Thanks again for agreeing to do this interview here on Direnote - its extremely appreciated. And I hope I hear quite a bit more from GOTM in the future (maybe even catch a show sooner or later).

Hell yea, I hope we get a chance to play a show somewhere close to you in the near future!