The Hard Truth: Just a Few Asian Metal Bands That Are Insanely Better Than BABYMETAL

Now, in recent light of BABYMETAL basically not being a real metal band (then again, that was always obvious) - i feel the need to show that not all Oriental metal is over-hyped sugar-soaked nonsense. Now, a good deal of these bands are heavily guarded by relentless and sometimes nonsensical J-or-K fans - but if your willing to just ignore their relentless fascination with effeminate males you'll probably find something redeemable. Of course, I'm not mentioning just immediately obvious bands - or at least not the inevitable eras where these bands succumbed to marketing pressure (a common issue overseas).

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of some really Raw Metal and that I'm a massive fan of almost anything Tom Warrior has ever done. Now he isn't directly involved with Gallhammer but this crust/blackened punk band was heavily inspired by the Hellhammer years and I'd like to think that if Tom and gang were a bunch of insane Japanese women - this would be the end result.

The obscurity of this band is no doubt due to its completely un-google-able/youtube-able name. Unless you know the song titles or somehow stumble upon them (as I did many years ago) - you aren't really going to find anything. Though, if you do, you'll find that there is a lot of strangeness going on with this band. Of course, their videos mainly are label-picked slow songs (with the exception of Zenith and Detox) but everything else contains a rather peculiar progressive edge to it. And, as you can guess - their initial releases far outweigh anything they've done recently.

DIO~Distraught Overlord
Obviously there is no relation to the late Ronnie James Dio contained within this band, no influence to speak of either. Man though, DIO~Distraught Overlord really kills it with originality. The band doesn't really seem to know how to handle to subject of evil and demons in their image, as they try to do, but the effort to connect sound and vision is there. Later down the road they had a few clean songs but I really didn't mind too many of them - but the older stuff is obviously better. There is something entirely epic about how the band thinks they are more hardcore than they actually are.

I don't think I'll ever understand the title of this band, no doubt something lost in translation. However, Unsraw sort of reflects a need for extremity in Asian music - and how it can be done pretty well. I sort of feel the band, though, sort of didn't know how to handle their semi-death-metal influence and ended up with small sort of singy-parts that I'm not fully sure worked in their favor.  Still, I have some love for this extremely unknown band and their strange look. To this day, they haven't dropped the ball on their metal roots.


Its sort of hard to explain SILENT HELL. They sort of have insanely good production values but just go all out in volume and extremity. At times they remind me of bands like iwrestledabearonce ('Late for Nothing' era) but other-times there isn't much to compare them to - at least for me. And wow, that lead singer? She is a freaking beastly sounding vocalist.

Well Deserved Mentions
Obviously there are way more bands you should check out in order to purify your expectations on the Asian/Oriental Metal-scene. I try to stick to stuff that is rather unheard of but there are definitely major choices I do support.

  • (Early) D'ESPAIRSRAY

And so much more...