REVIEW: Winter Gate - disIllumination

As I run amok in all manner of indie and underground band, never delving deep enough to touch the horrid likes of 'noise', I generally tend to miss out on what they like to call 'melodic' bands. Its not that I avoid them or anything, I think its just that after such a powerful era full of IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, INSOMNIUM, and their countless clones - people are sort of tired or weary when the thought of investing time into yet another melodic death metal band.

Now, I'm not saying WINTER GATE doesn't know what they are talking about - I know India has some great bands and they are up there - but to me, at least, they are not the 'Classic Progressive Death Metal' they claim to be. You see, WINTER GATE isn't bad by any means but they very much feel like a slightly darker version of INSOMNIUM. Even the vocal style, for the majority of disIllumination, is almost identical. When the band attempts to sound different they quickly, intentionally or not, slip back to a melodic and atmospheric styling almost identical to INSOMNIUM. To me, this really isn't to the determent of WINTER GATE but they certainly aren't too Classic Death and even the 'progressive' element just seems to be a little flimsy - only 'Deaths Embrace' really progresses.

Still, I feel this band has a charm to them. I'm not usually able to get a hold of much material from India or Eastern Countries so its nice to see their interpretations of metal that aren't something stupidly stereotypical. Instead, WINTER GATE shows me something very inspired by bands you wouldn't think had too much presence in that area of the world. Sure, they really are just a atmospheric melodic death metal band but that isn't so band and either is the strong resemblance to INSOMNIUM.

If you enjoy a small trip, as disIllumination is merely 2 semi-lengthily tracks, to the yonder-years of decent melodic death metal and a little bit beyond - I suggest supporting WINTER GATE!