REVIEW: Swine Overlord 'Parables of Umbral Transendence'

The most surprising thing about Swine Overlord, at first, is the fact that its massive sound is the product of only three members. Granted, there is definitely multitracking going on with 'Parables of Umbral Transcendence' (duh) - I still find it surprising that the guitar voices are so varied. Secondly, I found it more surprising that Swine Overlord is probably the most accurately titled band ever. Either these guys knew exactly what they were going for or accidentally made the happiest of coincidences when it comes to guttural vocals and off-the-wall band names.

Now, when it comes to the typical tropes of the 2013-2014 Death Metal era - most bands opt for the 'traditional Death.' Swine Overlord, however, opts to bring back a Death Metal style akin to those more prominent before today's vintage kicks - Swine Overlord simply just cuts to the chase and provides you with some seriously solid Guttural Death Metal.

Now, Swine Overlord doesn't quite stick always to their excellent and honestly brutal stylizations. On tracks like 'Porkchop, the Man-Butcher' the band decided to mix things up with the inclusion of more 'blackened' vocals. This really adds contrast and variety to the formula. As well, experimental inclusions such as vocal layering and bare (as well as obviously heavy) bass lines. There isn't really any moment that you'll find yourself tired of the music (granted you enjoy death metal) or feeling that the trio lacks in skill. Actually, on almost any given track, Swine Overlord's members are almost always given a moment to show off their talent.

If your looking for some damn heavy death metal - you'll be hard-pressed to find anything that trumps Swine Overlord.

Swine Overlord:
Anthony Davis (Vocals)
Will Peplinski (Guitars, Bass)
Devin Alford (Vocals, Drums)

Notable Tracks:
Cadaveric Pantomime
Umbral Transcendence
Porkchop, the Man-Butcher