REVIEW: DEVICE - Device (Self-Titled)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Vancouver, British Columbia

Yeah, its no surprise that with me being Canadian I'm a fan of Canadian music. Though, it should also be noted that I'm a fan of good music in general as well - so regardless of maple leafs, hockey, and slightly higher alcohol percentages - I'm still going to provide a honest opinion. So if it sucks, it does but hey -sorry- this time DEVICE does not.

Hailing, obviously, from Canada - but more specifically the ever-rainy Province of British Columbia is DEVICE (who share the name with the abysmal David Draiman band - hopefully by their second album they aren't called DEVICE B.C.). This band really borrows the energy and feeling from bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, W.A.S.P., IRON MAIDEN, and just about anything else along the lines of Traditional Heavy Metal (Hell, even the art is Traditionally drawn - to best of my knowledge, at least). However, borrowing energy doesn't mean that DEVICE is copying or anything like that. The band retains their own, very distinct individuality within the metal genre hemisphere. It isn't any surprise that I've been seeing these guys pop up all over the place. The entire album is just ripe with metal anthems, its the sort of album that totally oozes 'metal pride' over extremity - I can get behind that.

Listen-ability is key to me when it comes to albums and when I can somehow still thoroughly enjoy a band proudly and publicly even with songs with such remarkably cheesy titles like 'Miracle Metal' or 'Am I the Iceman?'- that tells you something, especially since I'm a very insecure kind of person when it comes to my music selection. Traditional fans show some praise: finally something new for you folks to sink your teeth into!