REVIEW: Old Witch - Come Mourning Come

Band: Old Witch
Album: Come Mourning Come
Genre: Funeral Doom

I'm almost completely sure that I've just had a near-death experience - or at least I've been completely bewildered for about 36 minutes. Funeral Doom has always captivated me but OLD WITCH, all I can say is that if I decide I'm listen to 'Come Mourning Come' - I'm not coming back anytime soon.

The average person will not listen to this willfully, as I hook up my stereo and experience the saddening depressive soundscapes of OLD WITCH - I'm pelted with questions as to if I'm alright or not. Though, I'm at a loss as to how to answer that. You see, the illusive group (whom i can find absolutely no solid information on) seems to have some deeper understanding of the hyper-depressive experience. Sorry to pelt on bands like DEAFHEAVEN (which I honestly do like) but their emotional aim's do not even scratch upon the surface of 'Come Mourning Come' and it's six harrowing tracks. Not only that, the deep whining and chugging riffs challenge my expectations of Doom as well - almost coming off as a horrifyingly depressive caricature of WEED EATER.  And really, that is the best comparison I can draw up. OLD WITCH gnaws and bites at you; drags you down and beats you senseless. It is a creature which properly illustrates the sub-genre in which it represents and acts upon it to the maximum. Not for the faint of heart.

Funeral Doom at its best - would be something I'd say if OLD WITCH didn't kick things up several thousand notches. No, OLD WITCH sets a new standard that I'm unsure will be met in the near future. Do not let this quiet release slip by your radar - seriously.