In This Moment And Maria Brink Actually Bothered Listening To Fan Backlash!

I posted a article months back about how sex doesn't always work as well as intended in marketing and there was a pretty strong emphasis on Maria Brink's decline from a relatively attractive woman, albeit unconventionally, to some sort of idiotic goth porn-star image - which completely robbed her music of its credibility to me. However, as I'm one for chances, I've been keeping a ear out for Maria Brink and IN THIS MOMENT's progression to whatever the hell they are going for. As usual, I expect the worst when it comes to bands aiming for mainstream success, but color me surprised when IN THIS MOMENT actually bothered to make a substantial and sensible change in direction.

Though their music now hops this strange line between the GENITORTURERS, ROB ZOMBIE, and LIMP BIZKUT - IN THIS MOMENT actually bothered. Gone now is the horrifyingly idiotic abuse-me image, which Maria Brink tried desperately to back up in countless interviews and a certain infamous magazine cover, and now comes a era of what I could actually consider a empowering image (kinda). See, now ol' Brinky has her clothes on - they are tight and all but shes going for scary attractive. This, to me, is way different then the muck we all usually see and I applaud her for also having extremely original outfit design - none of that Hot Topic or Vampire Freaks crap here. And, though, I'm not exactly drooling over the woman or anything, shes showing some direction towards building a fan-base that can be attractive without feeling as if they need to be promiscuous or something - or clueless.

So, I really don't like the new music or anything but I do like the fact that the band let Maria put on some pants or a dress again. Its nice.