REVIEW: ENTRENCH - Violent Procreation

Holy crap, ENTRENCHED really is pissed! 'Violent Procreation' carries with it the subtlety of a thrashing and clawing animal caught in a trap. Violating listeners years with insane levels of thrash akin to none I've really heard before. Its not Power Violence or anything like that, ENTRENCH simply encapsulates the power and forward intensity that Thrash Metal is supposed to be.

Now, I'm sure that other bands have hit the nail in the past twenty odd years - I'm sure there are countless that I've not even heard yet. However, ENTRENCH calls back to the older, more raw, aspect of Thrash with 'Violent Procreation'. I've been stuck with Death-core and Metal-core bands labeling themselves as 'Thrash' for way too long - often raising my hopes before finally laying on the disappointment. 'Violent Procreation' picked me up from that, simultaneously knocking me unconscious at the same time.

Oddly, this band consists (or consisted) of the old 3-man principal - keeping everything creatively tight and simple. Thank god, Joel E. Sundin has consistent bass skills to keep up with the overwhelming powerhouse that is Fredrik Pellbrink... The man delivers all of the guitar and vocal intensity single-handedly. Sadly, the drummer Victor Holmstrom appears to have passed away - no doubt that has been a great loss for ENTRENCH.

Great Thrash. Period.