More often then not, I turn to WILLOWTIP when I want something new. This Pennsylvanian label often describes their releases as 'forward thinking metal' and often that's an accurate portrayal of the bands they sign. Your always bound to get something Death Metal or Grind-based but all of their bands seem to do something very out-of-the-norm (i.e. GIGAN, BARING TEETH, etc). INGURGITATING OBLIVION seems to sort of follow this rule with 'Continuum of Absence' but with some rather fatal flaws I can't seem to overlook.

The band has no problem laying out extremely heavy riffs, as expected. This is, no doubt, a top quality band with the expected exceptional playing that comes of a WILLOWTIP band - especially by the bassist, Christian Pfeil, who seems to always push through the mix with some truly memorable and unique bass-lines. In this respect, everything is tight and well done - nicely assembled as you'd expect. However, the flaws present themselves when you realize that 'Continuum of Absence' is a whopping 50 minutes long. 

This album opens with a 10 minute Death Metal barrage, which simply becomes far too boring and repetitive by its end. Following this track with a 4 and a half minute song isn't too bad but the second track sounds like a extension of the first - creating a very drawn out and tired experience right off the bat. As the album continues, this trend persists. Songs are just too long and don't contain enough substance or experimentation to warrant 6-8-10 minute Death Metal epics. I just ended up wanting everything to end as fast as possible.

Though there is potential here and some good moments, I don't honestly feel like this group knew what they were going for. There seems to be a aim for Progressive Metal aesthetics but instead your just getting standard Modern Death Metal on repeat.