If you've heard anything about OLDE, its no doubt good. The band has already made a significant impact with 'I' and no doubt its roll has just begun, especially with the first full length being titled 'I' (obviously). So, if I sound like I'm singing the same old tune as other publications - I probably am. However, if you haven't had the chance to hear what their all about then I implore: read the following review.

OLDE is something of a phenomenon. You've sort of heard similar projects before - like MASTODON, RED FANG, or maybe even NEUROSIS - but OLDE has a harder edge about it, almost like it was a less experimental LUMBAR album. And, whereas the aforementioned bands somewhat struggled with their musical identities overtime - OLDE simply does not. Sure, the bluesy doom-laden stoner riffs are all there - though with a little more technicality then usual; vocalist Doug McLarty's pipes are gruff enough to make one think the bear on the albums cover is no doubt some representation of his vocal style; and enough BLACK SABBATH inspiration is present that it beats you over the head repeatedly - but, OLDE works. 'I' captures the essence of all modern Doom and Stoner bands and encapsulates it into the album which should forever define the genres from hereon out.

Hypaethral Records, you need not worry - there is no preconceptions of OLDE being 'some new-school, svengali-created trend-jumpers' in my mind nor should there be in anyone's minds. My god, buy this album.