REVIEW: Publicist UK - Demo

I don't judge demos by their overall quality, more for their potential - not that there is anything overtly wrong with PUBLICIST UK's Demo. What is here is most definitely interesting, it encapsulates the despair, disdain, and restlessness that its members seem to be feeling towards the world. The extremely passive-aggressive use of monotone vocals really thrusts the listener into some otherworldly expanse - almost always you find yourself pulled into some lonely and despairing state of being. That, is most definitely what I'd call 'potential'.

However, there are a few hiccups - nothing major. I do love the song 'Never Gone To School' for its overall strangeness and 'Slow Dancing To The Bitter Earth' has some extremely bizarre lyrical content. But, the songs sometimes take a very long time to build up to a cohesive blend. Its almost as if the songs intentionally come off as a bit sloppy at first only to fake out the listener in some fantastic musical climax. Both tracks are like this, coming off very shoe-gaze like. Each starts sort of down-to-earth and aspiring but then completely pummels your ears with endings that I'm absolutely in love with.

There isn't too much I can go on about with only two tracks to work with but for what little there is, I find myself falling for it. PUBLICIST UK is odd, to say the least, but endearing. I'm hoping I hear a full album soon.

Sorry guys, no bandcamp for this one!