REVIEW: Ecferus - Prehistory

Fragile Branch

I'm not afraid to admit that I own and have reviewed droves of heathenish material - and I'll keep doing it. Its not that I am personally an Atheist, follower of Satan, Pagan, or anything like that. Its just that, simply, I just like hearing alternate viewpoints on life - even if they are negative. Ecferus marks the first project I've experienced (even in my time writing for other Magazines) to explore the topics that it does - or at least present them in a manner more obvious. Admittedly, 'Prehistory' is probably the best possible title one could give to something as oddly ambitious as this.

What I like best about 'Prehistory' is that Alp, creator of Ecferus, opted to frame his tracks with LoFi landscapes of sound -thunder, water, bugs, nature- to frame what exactly was going on. Better yet, there isn't exactly an overabundance of this; it does not act as filler in any way. Of course, fancy effects and settings aside - Ecferus is a powerfully intelligent breed of Black Metal. In a age where Black Metal is determined by its 'generation sound', I honestly couldn't place it on that scale. Everything here feels progressive, but not in the sense of the genre, but as if Ecferus genuinely was opted to be a experiment in originality within its confines. I actually feel as though there is a story flowing through these lyrics, something needing to be expressed but is ultimately and inevitable misunderstood. Its almost as though creator Alp wished to express his feelings towards creation, mysticism, and humanity as a whole but his frustration bred this horrible and wonderful beast of an album.

Fans of dissonant, emotional, and thoughtful Black Metal - you have your contender. If Ecferus 'Prehistory' doesn't make it to your ears this year then you're missing out on something so spectacular in the making. I don't usually promote labels or anything but the tape will be available early February via Fragile Branch.