REVIEW: Flummox - Phlummoxygen

Flummox - Phlummoxygen
Tridroid Records

The day of schizophrenic Alternative-metal such as Mr. Bungle and early Red Hot Chili Peppers has long passed. To me, the entire craft was swallowed up by the fact that people generally find more complicated and obscure music harder to digest - oddly even more then most extreme genres. Personally, I enjoyed the odd nature of it all and especially the ironic and over the top themes that can come about. Though I wouldn't exactly call Flummox 'hard to digest', I'd certainly refer it to a more refined cousin of Mr. Bungle, however.

What Flummox has going for it is that, despite the heavy funk and acid-drenched progression, the whole package is pretty user-friendly. I could listen to 'Phlummoxygen' all day long if I wanted to and probably not get too bored of it. The tone and nature of this album, despite not always being too upbeat lyrically, is almost always of a twisted upbeat nature. Much to my surprise and enjoyment,  Flummox's less upbeat tunes (such as 'Ancestors Earth Removal') are almost always over-saturated Stoned out Doom tracks - and I simply cannot get enough of that.

Thankfully, Flummox isn't brought down by its obvious influences. While bands like Mr. Bungle usually had tracks that devolved into a muck of unpleasantness - nothing here does. Though seemingly random in nature, the opening tracks which strongly define 'Phlymmoxygen' still make sense to listen to and connect well to all other sections of the particular song its part of.  My only complaint? 'Didja Espanol', though sort of funny, seemed like a filler track with no real point in existing.

If your looking for something different, for the most part you'll get it with Flummox's 'Phlummoxygen' - the rest of it, expect some great Doom-styled tracks.