REVIEW: A Prophecy Misread - Demo

In what I'd consider a unique occurrence, I managed to simultaneously receive this Demo and see a live performance by the band in the same night - awesome. Also, there isn't much to say about this bands history as they've actually yet to really release anything - making their Demo somewhat of a rarity for those interested (which should be you because this one is good guys, I promise).

So, what I know is this: A Prophecy Misread is a Albuquerque band which really just plays music for the love of it. Its members are all made up of people with some experience playing in smaller bands so they know what they are doing. As for expansion, they aren't exactly trying to barrel their way to the top. And, honestly, they seem to really just be in it for the music.

Their demo really expresses love towards what they listen to, though the vocals of front-man Malcolm clearly push the band in their Metalcore/Hardcore direction, the structure of songs shows strong influence from Melodic Death Metal bands like In Flames. Of course, this is why I have such a strong interest in what A Prophecy Misread has done with their Demo. The band has such a mixture of influences and generally goes in their own direction, therefore they've developed a very unique difference when it comes to most Metalcore bands prominent these days - A Prophecy Misread doesn't really try to emulate. Not to mention, their live performance was razor sharp. You'll struggle to find a band that sounds so clean cut with recording and live work - all without the backing or funding of any labels or using any fancy studio.

Bands like this were the whole point of me starting Direnotes and I suggest anyone with a active internet connection check them out.

A Prophecy Misread is:

Gilby V.-Guitar/Vocals
Kyle D.-Guitar/Vocals
Harlando M.-Bass
Dylan "The Kid" T.-Drums
Malcolm R.-Lead Vocals