REVIEW: Forward Unto Dawn - ALPHA

Forward Unto Dawn - ALPHA
Red Tentacle

ALPHA garners sort of a mixed reaction to me. On one hand, its pretty well written and there is some talent within its seven tracks - some trickier guitar work. The problem, however, stems from actually finding said talent beneath this endless barrage of the familiar. Breakdowns and dissonant chords were once edgy, exciting, and new - maybe at some point there was some heaviness to that formula but at this point it all feels like a wet-noodle approach to music. Why, I wonder, do bands like Forward Unto Dawn revel in this tired old approach - I'd really like to know. Beyond that, there are a few moments where the band takes some extra effort to add experimental and progressive elements to the music. For instance, the track Concord & Dissolution adds some technical and melodic hints compared to tracks before it. Actually, if anything, its by far the best and most stand out track on the whole damn album - which is a shame considering it contributes the colossal amalgamation that these tracks are. Every song bleeds into each other making the whole thing feel like one big song rather then a album of any sort.  But this doesn't make ALPHA epic or anything, instead it further waters itself down by adding even more to its repetitive nature. Holy crap.

I'm not going to pretend I don't like some Hardcore or 'core' bands in general. Really, I do like a bit of everything - but I don't like everything of just one thing, if that makes sense. With ALPHA, I feel like I've heard almost everything this album has to offer before. Atop that, the band simply beats you over the head with way too much familiarity and comes off as just another 'core' band that sounds like every other.