REVIEW: The Lidocaine - Chicken Cage of HORROR

The Lidocaine - Chicken Cage of HORROR
Inverse Records

I don't honestly know too much of what to think about this band. The 90's styled Alt-Punk album title drew me in, the promise of progressive got me curious. So, I suppose the overall package did its job of making me listen. The contents... well I suppose you could call them akin to a Chicken Cage (or Coop) - in the sense that, despite not being wholly delicious at the moment, a little re-purposing might make them a deep fried dinner to remember.

Despite the strange title, this album doesn't hold too many comedic surprises. I'm sure they perhaps are in there somewhere, behind the strange folk-metal inspired vocals (think Turisas or Korpiklanni try and do Mr. Bungle), but I can't pick up on anything. I don't think these guys really get that singing somewhat goofy or Operatically to Metal isn't really comedy. However, aside from that I really found myself getting into the vocals despite the opening tracks being not so well done. Its almost as if the singer really began to find his way around the middle of the third track 'The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of...' and despite some rough mixing on said vocals - he really began to win me over.

The music, I couldn't believe it, is actually true to form Progressive Metal. Refreshingly, these guys actually knew what the genre was and did not tack it on for exposure. Songs progress from one form to another in a really great way. My favorite, especially, is the song 'Fabrication' which takes all sorts of different turns - from a strong old-school metal styled melodic verse, to a 90's alt-punk styled chant, to a layered chorus that lies somewhere in-between those two. There is no laziness when it comes to the Instrumental aspect of The Lidocaine.

As said, The Lidocaine is good; 'Chicken Cage of Horror' is good - really good. And the album grows on you fast. However, there are some hiccups - the mixing on the vocals is a little iffy but its not too bad as to detract from the experience. The comedic elements are either hit and miss or non-existent but that doesn't stop this from being an enjoyable album. If you are looking for something different, and you know I always am, I suggest you listen to 'Chicken Cage of Horror.'