REVIEW: A Light Within - Body Matter EP

Static Tension Records

Oddly, I can't draw any direct comparison to what I've been hearing on A LIGHT WITHIN's 'Body Matter.' Now its not like the EP is ultra experimental, its certainly progressive - but it has a good deal of easily digestible elements to it. For instance, the vocals are more of what you'd hear from bands like Sound Garden, The Tea Party, HIM, or any other Alt-rock styled late 90's MTV band. I'm not too against this as if works really well with the airy ambiance of the entire EP. However, those more akin to more experimental Progressive Giants such as Devin Townsend, Aeryon, or Opeth might feel the overall EP is way too vanilla. And, despite the bellowing grinding bass and keyboards -which is sometimes the only thing that stands out in these tracks- a lot of Body Matter feels really familiar. There just doesn't seem to be all that much I can hold onto, even after multiple listens, with this EP - no track really stands out or makes any sort of solid impression; I can't really sense any identity within this music.

Occasionally A LIGHT WITHIN attempts something different with a few attempts at spicing up what is here. There are some tempo changes, spacey ambiance, reverberation galore, 'pretty' keyboard backing, and chanty pads - but its all been done for the last twenty years. Sadly, I don't find this EP special in the slightest - A LIGHT WITHIN sadly is a medley of tired tropes and boring call backs to music nobody cares to listen to anymore.