REVIEW: Pyrrhon - Growth Without End

Growth Without End
Handshake Inc. 

Coming hot off their second album 'The Mother of Virtues' - Pyrrhon aims to get everyone's attention with what is easily one of the most interesting EP's I've heard this year, so far. 

To be honest, I hadn't heard all that much from Pyrrhon prior to this release - mostly due to them escaping my radar rather then them being bad or something such as that. Labelled in some areas as 'Death Metal', Growth Without End is more of a very Dark and Experimental mix of Hardcore and Noise Rock. Of course, the EP starts its first few seconds out sounding somewhat typical but everything quickly shifts into beloved insanity.

Everything here surprised me, there was absolutely no moments I didn't enjoy. When the more streamlined and expected sections aren't happening, which they quickly fade away midway through the EP anyhow, you are treated to very intense distant sections that press the vocals back. Its almost as if you are listening to some crazed dictator talking down to you. Though that does sound like something we've all heard before, on tracks like Slipknots 'Pulse of the Maggots', you are getting the full effect of emotion and full-on intensity. And that sums up the entirety of Growth Without End. 'intensity' - as it never lets up and simply keeps compounding more and more until the EP evolves (or devolves?) into a cluster of almost composure-less noise. Its honestly something to behold.

The only weakness of Growth Without End is that it's not a entire album. Granted, the EP might be a little niche as it contains some highly experimental aspects - I can honestly say that, if your a fan of any sort of Extreme Metal then this is something you must check out. If Growth Without End is any indication of what Pyrrhon does and will do in the future, then count me in.