MINI-REVIEW: Mord'A'Stigmata - Our Hearts Slow Down (MINI-ALBUM)


MORD'A'STIGMATA leans on a more calm, experimental approach to Black Metal. Though, yes, it contains a good deal of the genre's tropes - it's almost more akin to a progressive rock album then anything. Somehow, however, this works extremely well. A stark contrast is drawn between harsh vocal content and emotion displayed through music, Our Hearts Slow Down uses both mediums to more clearly express themes displayed in each of it's three tracks. While the lyrics convey a more manic and forceful approach, the music itself takes on a voice of its own - adding an atmospheric layer of depression and melancholy that this sort of vocal style cannot.

This entire mini-album is somewhat feels a cross between a late SATYRICON album and TRIPTYKON (Or even some CELTIC FROST). The progressive emotional styling is there, prominent and very well done - never used when not needed. There is, however, all the elements of Black Metal here too and a good deal of those heavy droning and whining notes you'd expect from the latter band I mentioned - especially on the instrumental track 'Our Hearts Slow Down.' These Polish masterminds have surely breathed some life into a genre that I personally felt lacked a lot of life in the last few years, even compared to their older work - your in for quite a step up in quality and general bravery when it comes to a more experimental sound.