REVIEW: Herida Profunda - Self-Titled


Herida Profunda, after a short claustrophobic introduction, hits you like a bag of hammers. Though this Self-titled release doesn’t wholly rely on speed, the opening track ‘Spalone Mosty’ ensures you that what you are about to listen to is, in fact, no walk in the park and not your typical Crust affair.

Personally, I love when bands like this lean back on their punk influences, and this album certainly has enough of that to satiate someone like me. Things are kept relatively simple yet somehow the sound and songwriting here is almost expertly crafted, though the former isn’t overtly polished thankfully. It’s almost important that bands like this don’t delve too far into production standards. Songs are extremely concise, sticking to that Elvis/Misfits/Any-punk-band-ever formula of no song over three minutes. It does make this album feel more then a little on the short side but the sheer variety of it all makes the experience worth it. As I said, this is no typical Crust affair. There is a fair share of almost Death-like moments interspersed with a lot of punk, in fact I’d go as far as to retract the label of Crust and to go as far as calling it Death-Punk. There is just something about the vocals, the palm muting, controlled feedback, well-timed tempo changes, talk of Nazi-hunting and general all-round religious fuckery that makes me feel like Herida Profunda really has something all on their own.

The short run-time sort of hampers my enjoyment of this album, it’s fantastic and all – definitely something I’d purchase for both the Punk and Death metal fanatic within- but it’s the same problem I had with all the Misfits albums. Just when I’m hooked, it ends. Honestly, this is a minor gripe overall. There just is no shortage of great tracks on this release. I’d go as far as saying it’s almost essential to your Crust/Punk/Death collection.