Forgive me for mentioning this, but the boys at Korgonthurus seem to have has some negative press involving their first album 'Marras.' I had no involvement in such a thing, I can't vouch for it's supposed repetitive or slow nature (and I'm unsure if that's even bad for someone like me, who listens to doom and progressive so much), but I can assure you now - Korgonthurus, please put aside your insecurities!

Vuohen Siunaus is a rough combination of black and death, it's really just that. There is no real fineness with anything going on here, no fancy solo's or sweeping clean sections, because there doesn't need to be. It's one of those genuinely aggressive albums, where the anger of something else (perhaps bad press from a first album?) bleeds into the music. From the start, Korgonthurus grabs, pulling listeners downwards into a wave of sheer and utterly despairing madness. It can be almost overwhelming at times, to experience the raw emotion on display here by vocalist Corvus - who never lets down, not once. This person knows how to get a message across, even despite language barriers. And, better yet, the rest of the band knows how to keep up with their vocalists intensity. It's been such a long time since I've heard a black-metal band come together so well; creating something so 'unique' without it being a complete wall of unintelligible sound.

Of course, the album does eventually slow down, though not exactly for the worst. After so much intensity, the slower sections and more paced songs feel like a natural progression - descending into a sense of desperation. These later tracks, such as Ihmisyyden Raunioilla, just feel perfectly placed, extremely well thought out. My only complaint is that, yes, these slower tracks can feel a tad generic - but not near enough to make them bad, not at all.

I highly suggest Korgonthurus's newest album, whatever supposed problems they've had in the past are irrelevant to me because, luckily, I started with the vastly superior Vuohen Siunaus. Thank you Finland, again, for bringing forth such great talent within the metal community.