INTERVIEW: Cam of Motherslug

(This interview is between Keith, The Odd of Direnotes and Cam of Motherslug)

[K] Who is Motherslug? What brought the band together?

Motherslug have been kicking around for six years now. Nick and Cyn are the remaining founding members, I joined after they had been jamming for almost a year with Ferg and Matt and that was the lineup for the first EP. Ferg left just prior to Three Kings in Darkness and we picked up Regan a couple of years before we released Electric Dunes.

[K] Space/scifi is a reoccuring theme on 'The Electric Dunes of Titan', how did you come up with this? What influenced you to take this route?

The title to the opening track was the last thing to fall into place and it really encompassed the feel of the album. I read a lot of classic fantasy and sci-fi; Asimov, Frank Herbert, LeGuin, Poul Anderson, Hoyle, Moorcock. In fact the title Cave of the Last God is taken from the last chapter of one of Larry Niven's books, 'The Magic Goes Away'. I guess I like the mythology of space, the great unknown void is a blank canvas and the generally dystopian nature of our inevitably high-tech future lends itself to doom.

[K] How would you say Motherslug has evolved since the initial EP?

When we started out we wanted to be the heaviest band on the planet, I'm sure most heavy bands strive for the same goal. But it became apparent that we didn't want to be playing the heaviest songs without those moments of light. It is the contrast, the mellow melodies juxtaposed against some crushing riffs that creates the heavy. We do have those moments in the earlier songs but we never realised them to their full potential. Over the years our song writing skills have improved and our shared experience of being in the band breeds a musical familiarity so we work together much more efficiently to mold a song exactly how we want it.

[K] What is the origin of the name 'Motherslug'? How did you or your bandmates manage to come up with such a unique name for the band?

Motherslug is taken from the title of an Acrimony song - The Mother of all Slugs!

[K] Motherslug isn't exactly you're typical run-of-the-mill stoner/doom metal group, there is a good bit of rock in the sound as well. What are some of your influences?

Yeah there's a quite a mixed bag in there. We all dig the core influences of stoner/doom; Kyuss, Floyd, Sabbath, Zeppelin. Regan draws a lot of influence from players like Jimmy Page, Eddie Hazel, Hendrix, Robin Trower, Sir Lord Baltimore, Cactus, Captain Beyond, Randy Holden, Blue Cheer, MC5. I grew up with Kiss and Devo, got into punk around '84 with Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Crass and Suicidal Tendencies and then real alternative stuff like The Birthday Party, Beasts of Bourbon and The Cramps. Early 90's Monster Magnet, Metallica  and Danzig. Through the late 90's I got into Cold Meat Industries, Deutsch Nepal, Lustmord and used to make my own lo-fi fucked up noise tapes. Modern day influences are Chelsea Wolfe, THAL and Scott Walker but I drag all of that musical baggage from over the years with me when I'm pondering a lyric or melody.

[K]What is the metal scene like overseas, in Austrailia?

Melbourne is the capital of live music in Australia, lots of good venues, dozens of great bands. There is a decent small scene up North in Brisbane but the rest of Australia is dead. We play with heaps of great bands you should look out for; Merchant, Dawn, Jack Harlon & the Dead Crows, Boracherro, Hobo Magic, Seedy Jeezus, Arrowhead.

[K] Outside of creating music, what else do the members of Motherslug do with their time?

Regan drives a van and work with old ladies at a charity shop. Nick does weird shit with spreadsheets, Cyn is an accountant and I am a Producer at a games company, I make video games.

[K] What was it like placing so well on so many metal Charts, Lists? Did you ever think Motherslug would be what it is today?

We were stoked to see the album get such a great response from bloggers and reviewers around the world. It made a lot of 'best of year' lists, it hung around in the Doom Charts over three months and has sold incredibly well for a total d.i.y. release from the arse end of the world. It is a testament to the production skills of John Bartels to pull the recording back from the brink and not only make it sound great but he made it sound like Motherslug - it sounds stupid but recording a live band and getting it to sound like the band is not an easy task. We were ready to trash the tapes and start again.

[K] Biggest pet peev when it comes to the music industry?

Heavy music is largely ignored by radio and media in this country despite there being a large audience for it. It's an uphill battle to get that broader recognition and we can already see from the release of Dunes that we have a larger following overseas than we have here in Australia.

[K] If Motherslug was an animal what would it be?

A slug, obviously. 

[K] Any upcoming tours/shows in support of 'The Electric Dunes of Titan' planned?

We had our launch in November last year, have played a couple of shows since and have a gig next week with 24 bands on three stages at Filthfest. Rather than go on the road and flog these songs to death we have decided to put our efforts into  getting the next album rolling. 

[K] Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions, anything else you'd like to say at all?

Thanks for taking the time to interview us, have a good one.