(This interview it between Keith, The Odd of Direnotes and Corey of NEST)

NEST is a two-man hardcore band, with definite sludge elements, from Kentucky. Recently they have released their full length 'Metempsychosis' through Sludgelord Records. You can read our review here (and laugh at how many times I refer to them as strictly sludge metal). 

[K] So, what is the story with NEST? How did it come to be? 
COREY: If I can remember correctly Kyle and I just struck up a conversation about it when I moved up here. I had known Kyle through the Lexington music scene for years because my old band They Yearn For What They Fear would play lexington frequently. I had always been aware of his various projects (which all were good) and wanted to work with him. Finally got the opportunity to in 2015 and we wrote five songs and recorded a demo at Sneak Attack Studios here in Lexington and the rest is history.
[K] What was the process behind 'Metempsychosis? What kept NEST pushing forward? 
COREY: After we got through recording the two tracks for the Spiked and Abandoned 7” we kinda just decided to hold up playing shows and just focus on writing a new record. It honestly took about a years time (of playing and writing on and off) to get the songs fleshed out that are on the album. As for the title of the album, Kyle had always had that in mind from as long as I can remember. I tried to write lyrics around the theme but a lot of stuff was going on in 2017 that was personal for both of us. I think I did a good job of staying true to the definition of what that word means and then weaving in our own personal struggles to create a ‘variation on a theme’ so to speak.
Dedication to the material kept us pressing on. This record took a lot out of us emotional and physically. This entire album is a tribute to just getting through 2017 all together. 
[K] A lot of NEST's themes seemed to be based around the human condition (depression, loneliness, anger, etc) - is there any personal experience behind this? 
COREY: Of course-Not to reiterate myself, but 2017 was a nightmare of a year. 
[K] What's the story with Sludgelord Records, how did NEST come to be signed? 
COREY: I basically just sent the album off for a potential review from the blogspot. Aaron was gracious enough (and enjoyed it enough) to offer a digital release on the label. I was very stoked and honored to be asked, not only is he a good guy, but the blogspot has been around for years and has a very strong following and presence.
[K] As I'm Canadian and the scene is a little different over here, I'm curious as to what the metal scene is like in Appalachia? 
COREY: Its great! There are a lot of bands that are doing great things in the scene. Eastern Kentucky as a whole has always had a very great and diverse music scene. People here are not afraid to take risks and create truly heavy music. I could list bands (active now and previously) for days that have contributed to the longevity of this thriving scene. Its just a easy going place full of humble and creative people.
[K] Are there any struggles associated with being a metal act in Appalachia? 
COREY: The lack of proper venues and house spots to have metal shows, and then getting noticed seems to always be a struggle (but isn’t that the case anywhere).
[K] Do you feel like sludge metal is perhaps a subgenre that doesn't often get as much attention as other extreme metal genres? 
COREY: I think it gets its fair share of attention. I don’t think of us as being a sludge band though, to me we are more of a DIY hardcore band with some 90’s grunge influences (especially on this new album). I’m a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan (let me rephrase..EARLY YEARS only) and a fan of just grunge music from that period in general so I tried to keep all those artist in mind when crafting a drum beat or projecting a influence on Kyle. Don’t get me wrong though the stoner/sludge/blackened atmosphere is clearly present within the songs as well.
[K] Whats the story behind NEST's album art? 
COREY: It kinda just happened randomly. Kyle was searching around on the internet one day and came across this fractal artist Jan Robb and the stuff just blew me away. It really spoke to the mood and vibe that we were trying to create with this album (lyrically and musically).
[K] What does NEST strive to be?  
COREY: We strive to make music that is very raw and powerful. I would personally enjoy if we became something bigger than we are now, but all of that happens in its own time.
[K] What kind've formats can we expect to see 'Metempsychosis' released on? 

COREY: CD and cassette for the time being. We are going to make the announcements sometime soon for both of those formats, but we would really love to see it get a vinyl release. We are in hopes that a label will take interest and make this a realty.
[K] What is the future for NEST? Any plans to promote 'Metempsychosis' (shows, tours, etc)? 
COREY: Yeah, we have plans to play more shows and maybe tour a little in the future. Our main focus right now is to get the album released and generate some word of mouth through PR and whatnot. Kyle and I are busy people and have day jobs and other projects we are involved in. We have also talked about starting writing for the next record in the coming months.
[K] Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, any final words? 
COREY: I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Thank YOU though for allowing us to be featured on the website. It’s very much appreciated.