INTERVIEW: Jani of Svartanatt

(The following is an interview between Sammi Spells and Jani of Svartanatt. See her original review here.)
[SS] Hello! Thank you so much for taking time to sit down and answer some
questions for me! Please, introduce yourself.

Hey im Jani, singer and guitarist in the band.

[SS] What are some of your influences?

I dont listen to music so often actually but i have to thank Kurt Cobain cause it were the grungewave with Nirvana that got me interesed of start to play guitar in a age of 9. I got hooked when i heard the bleach album a raw mix of punk and rock. I usually get ideas to write songs at night. melodies and riffs just pops up in my head.

[SS] Who is your personal favorite musician of all time?

Its a hard one. Theres so many good musicians. Kurt Cobain and Phil Lynott maybe one of them.

[SS] What attracted you to the sound of the 1960s-1970's southern rock sound exactly?

I have been listening to 60-70’s rock since i was 10 years old and got stucked when i first heard bands like The baker gurwitz army, Thin Lizzy and Lynard Skynard some years later. Im not so much in it for some special sound. Our band just sounds like we do. If its loud enought and we got some crunchy sound then we’re pleased.

[SS] How did you guys come to be?

It were the year of 2014. I called up Daniel Heaster( drummer) and asked if he would be interesed of playing drums in a band. I had earlier seen him play in other bands and i really liked his way to beat on the drums. We both are from same city ”Gävle” so i knew him little before we started our band svartnatt. Then i hooked up up with Felix Gåsste and Mattias Holmström on a concert in Stockholm i saw some cool dudes headbanging on stage (Felix Gåsste&Mattias Holmström guitar &bass). After the show we took some beers and i asked them both if they would be interesed of play bass in a band:). Some days later we meeting up in Daniel Heasters rehearselroom and svartanatt were born! Martin Borgh(Organ) is old friend of mine that i asked some months later to join the band.

[SS] Do you have any particular writing process?

I always put the chords and melodies together as one sort of package then i tryin to figure out some cool drumbeats. Last of all i write the lyrics that is the most difficult challenge.

[SS] How do you handle nerves before a live show?

I never got nerves. I have been standing on stages since is was 11 years old so thats probably why. Its just fun.

[SS] In your downtime, what are some things that you enjoy?

When i dont write songs i hanging around with my family and friends. I love Bowling, must be the best sport in the world, you can drink beers while you playing.

[SS] What's the greatest thing about being in a band? What are some things
you could do without?

its an adventure to travel around with these fellows in the band and visit new citys and meet people that want to hear our music its just lovely. We always have a great time together!
One gig shows. When we travel for about 6-7 hours to do one show and next day is the same way home. It shows that we’re a hard-working band!

[SS] If you weren't a musician, what would be your ideal career?

Its because the music im still standing on the ground. I cant think of anything else to work with? Im musicteacher to so :).

[SS] What does the future hold for Svartanatt?

2nd of March we’re releasing our 2:nd album ”Starry eagle eye” and we’ll be touring as much as possible and hope to get in touch with some booking agency.

[SS] Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Thanks for all support! Stay tune fore some more r’n’r!!! Keep on rockin!!!